E-T Staff Report

A man was stabbed late Tuesday night after a fight that started at Bostock’s Billiards & Bar spilled over into a second confrontation at The Junction Shell.

Stephenville Police Chief Roy Halsell said officers were dispatched to the popular bar, located on Washington Street in Stephenville, after a fight apparently broke out. Officers were able to quickly get a handle on the situation, dispersing the crowd before the fight escalated, but soon after, were dispatched to a second disturbance at The Junction Shell, a gas station located on U.S. Highway 377.

Halsell said after leaving Bostock’s, John Alexander apparently headed to the gas station to see his girlfriend. He then allegedly got into a scuffle with two men, Bernardo Monreal, 26, and Edward Facio, 31. Alexander was stabbed in the left side of the chest by one of the men and received a small laceration on the side of his neck.

“One of the suspects then lifted up his shirt and showed Alexander a gun,” Halsell said.

While officers were en route to The Junction, the two suspects fled the scene in a minivan that was later spotted by the officers on Pearl Street at approximately 1:30 a.m. Wednesday. One of the suspects, Monreal, was in the van at the time. Concerned that Monreal had a gun, officers attempted to “secure” the suspect, who refused to cooperate.

“As officers were trying to secure the suspect, he began to fight them,” Halsell said. “So the officers used pepper spray to subdue him.”

During the skirmish, the second suspect, Facio, who lives on Pearl Street, arrived at the scene and allegedly tried “to interfere with the situation.”

Officer James Gresham then wrestled Facio to the ground and shot him with pepper spray, as well.

Both suspects were taken into custody and booked into the Erath County Jail. Monreal was charged with resisting arrest, $500 bond; interference with public duties, $500 bond; and failure to identify after arrest.

Facio was charged with resisting arrest, $500 bond, and interference with public duties, $500 bond.

Alexander refused to file aggravated assault charges against the suspects in connection to the stabbing.