Cross Timbers Family Services is throwing a party in a makeshift jail. Send someone there and they’ll begin to wail.

Taysha Williams, community development coordinator for CTFS, is asking the community to help fill up the entire cell block and have fun while doing so.

The local non-profit agency is adding a fun twist to fund raising on March 27, and asks the community, “Have you ever wanted to throw someone in jail for fun?”

Now’s your chance to have someone do the time to help end crime.

“It’s simple. We’re looking for people to nominate someone to be arrested,” said Williams, who is helping to organize the first CTFS Jail & Bail fund raiser. “This is going to be a fun way to get the community involved in our efforts to reduce crime and raise funds for our agency.”

With the help of local law enforcement, CTFS will have individuals arrested for various “crimes” and transported to an imitation jail at Grumps Restaurant, Williams explained. “The cops are real but we will have a fake judge. Two police officers will go out and make the arrests and read their rights. We plan to make a big deal about it.”

Friends or co-workers are being asked to nominate an individual to be arrested for silly crimes. Williams said names are pouring in and the crimes are indeed silly.

Warrants are already being drawn up and the crimes submitted range from working under the influence of coffee to having a bad hair day - every day.

“We had several Tarleton students nominate their professors for arrest,” said Williams, “They said the teachers were ‘too intimidating.’”

Others claim a construction worker was a “poor door builder,” while another nominated their friend to be arrested for “failure to free up capital funds.”

Once the person is taken into custody they will be transported to Grumps Restaurant where they will be magistrated by a judge and sentenced to jail until they collect enough money to be bailed from the holding cell. Those nominating the individual are also setting the bail.

“A week before the event we’ll give them a heads up and send out warrants for their arrest to explain what time they will be picked up,” said Williams. “When they get to the restaurant we’ll give them a phone and encourage them to call friends, family and co-workers to raise the bail money.”

The event is scheduled to begin at 11:30 a.m. and last until 6 p.m. Hopefully all those sent to jail will be able to collect their bail money in time.

“We’re asking those who pledge the money to come to Grumps. They’ll receive discounts on hamburgers and free drinks for making a donation to bail their friends out of jail,” said Williams.

Local radio station KSTV will also be at Grumps to promote the event and will broadcast reasons why the jailbirds were arrested, said Williams.

But don’t fret. Those who would like to send their friend to jail can remain anonymous.

“For someone to be arrested they should fill out a form which can be picked up at Grumps,” said Williams, “or you can call us at 965-4357. All we need is the person’s name to be arrested, and their phone number and a place of employment or location they will be at the time of arrest.”

Funds raised from the event will go towards crime victim services, said Williams, including providing transportation, hotel rooms for emergency stays, clothing and food if a victim is placed into a shelter. “It’s a fun way to get our neighbors involved in our efforts to reduce crime in our community. We’ll have brochures about our agency and local police will inform those there about their work in the city. Our goal is to get out there and get the community involved.”