To the editor,

On March 24 and 26, three Texas animal health workers descended upon the salebarn with tags in hand, tagging every dairy-bred animal that was coming to the sale. This is part of the national animal identification system. Dr. Bob Hillman is in charge of the Texas

Animal Health Commission.

I think one of my Dutch customers said it best. He came from a socialistic government to a free country — the USA, where a man could work hard and get ahead in life.

In his native land, he worked hard and gave his hard earned dollars to the government, which in turn gave to the man that wouldn’t work. He never thought that socialism would come to America, but now he is afraid it is slowly, freedom by freedom coming to the U.S. One of those freedoms being the tagging of every animal.

Farmers have been under fire by our own government from nvironmental rules to animal health. Let me explain number one that the health of U.S. farm products are superior to any other nation. The U.S. is not the problem. Animal diseases have come from Canada and Mexico, but our government is not closing those borders. Instead of penalizing them, the American farmer and our fellow states get the penalties.

My question is, “Do you trust the U.S. farmer or do you want food products from other countries?”

Food coming in from other countries does not have the scrutiny that the U.S. farmer gets. Other countries do not have the environmental

rules or animal health rules that the U.S. has.

This is just not going to be dairy. Goats, sheep, chickens, beef cattle — “food” — are you getting a picture here? Food control! If the government controls your food — they’ve got you!

I’d rather have food control in the farmer’s hands.

Tagging the animals? Marking the beasts? Are we next? Is there something lying underneath all of this or is it really for animal health? This is a question that you will have to answer yourself. but it may be past time to hold our governments’

“Feet to the fire” and find out what’s really going on. Right now lurking in the farm bill is a (nais) national animal id system. Call your congressmen today — from Texas to the USA — we need to stop this.

Cheryl Moore


To the editor,

Several months ago a sitting city councilman (now running for mayor) wrote a letter to the editor in which he said several citizens had asked him to review the cost incurred to the city by illegal aliens.

He said he looked at city paper work and determined that none were printed in two languages therefore the illegals did not cost the city anything.

He also stated that he did not check into health care because it was not his business.

I will guarantee that health care for city employees is at the top of the list in costs to the city. There is no one who can deny that cost of health care goes up each year and the amount of health services available to employees goes down. And illegals have a lot to do with it. These costs to services to illegals increase your cost of government every day and city, county, and school officials will not admit it.

Did your councilman ask the chief of police about costs? Did he talk to the jailers and district attorney? The cost is high and nobody is going to tell you about it. Did he ask the city manager about it? This guy is supposed to provide a good city budget and hiding costs of illegals from the public and then using every trick in the book to make up the added budget costs without being honest about it is really not good administration.

Lowe’s wants to move into Stephenville! Good. Stephenville is a money maker. Retailer. Remember that word. They are in the business of making money. Your welfare has noting to do with them locating here.

$1.9 million. That is what they want the city of Stephenville to basically give them in order for them to bless you with their presence. That is your tax money the city administration is going to give away. Will this Bonanza for Lowe’s result in Lowe’s reducing retail prices? Not on your life!

They will be here in order to make money, not give it away! The city will give it away.

How many full time jobs and at what pay scale and benefit levels will this create? Having to buy a retailer’s move into Stephenville really does not say much for the city does it? The less they have to spend to get here the more profit they make.

And remember that Stephenville is not where their home office is located and where the majority of profits go. It might be in everyone’s best interest to examine the reasons the city administration wants this give away.

I will be quick to tell you that I have never seen a city hall run as badly as this one is.

Bad attitude. Lame excuses. Making up rules as they go. Arrogance. Deceit.

Your city administration needs an overhaul.

Randy Deax