A Jack-in-the-Box customer was arrested and charged with disorderly conduct after he allegedly pulled out a "gun" after an argument.

The fast food chain's "We don't make it until you order it" motto might have been the catalyst that prompted Chris Seaver, 18, to argue with employees at the Stephenville location Thursday.

Perhaps he was hungry and didn't have time to wait.

Either way, the argument took a nasty turn when a male customer who witnessed the argument asked Seaver to leave the restaurant.

According to a press release issued by Lt. Doug McClammy with the Stephenville Police Department, the customer followed Seaver outside to make sure he left the parking lot. That's when Seaver allegedly reached inside his vehicle and pulled out a gun.

The release states that the customer charged Seaver, who then reportedly threw the gun back inside the vehicle.

Shortly after police arrived, they discovered the gun was actually a BB pistol that looks like a real firearm.