and JOYCE WHITIS Correspondent

CMT is looking for a crowd and Stephenville is invited!

Admission is free to the general public at the 4 C’s Bucking Bull Arena for the television taping of a rodeo event featuring the cast of Ty Murray’s Celebrity Bull Riding Challenge Tuesday at 7 p.m.

Gates open at 6 p.m.

The arena is on Farm-to-Market Road 205 (Lower Granbury Road) on the right just before you get to ECLA (Erath County Livestock Association) arena.

Just look for the crowd!

The six-episode series premieres on CMT Friday, August 10, from 8 to 9 p.m. and community members have an opportunity to be in the audience.

Ty Murray, seven -time All-Around World Champion Cowboy, has had his work cut out for him teaching nine celebrities the dangerous art of bull riding.

Among Murray’s students is Raghib “Rocket” Ismail, former NFL football player.

He said riding bulls is tough.

Ismail said he thought he had done well when riding on the mechanical bull and felt comfortable.

On Friday, Ismail got his first experience on the real beast and found out the real thing is quite a bit different.

“The guy helping me said, ‘Rocket are you ready?’ I said, ‘yeah.’” But, Ismail said, he didn’t nod his head for the gate to be opened so he wasn’t exactly prepared for what happened next.

“The gate guy opened the gate. Before I knew it, I’m riding on this doggone bull but I’m riding on the side of his stomach,” Ismail laughed. “I was holding on so tight.”

Ismail said it was a good thing Murray had taught exit and escape strategies because he put one of those strategies to use.

“It was pretty cool,” Ismail said. “I hauled (tail) over to the gate.”

Other celebrities cast include Vanilla Ice (Rob Van Winkle), rapper/musician; Stephen Baldwin, an actor who injured Thursday; Leif Garrett, actor/musician; Kenny Bartram, Moto-X Rider/X Games; “Nitro” Dan Clark, actor/American Gladiators; Jonny (Dalton) Fairplay, Reality Star (“Survivor”); Josh Haynes, UFC Fighter, and Francesco Quinn, actor.

“These guys represent nine different slices of life,” Murray said. “It’s a real push to get them to this high level of competition, and I have to admire the way they have all tackled the job. I know that they have a better understanding of just what it takes to make a successful bull rider, and they have learned that it’s not just getting on one of those bad boys. You get on, you follow the instructions that you have learned and then the chute gate opens and you hang on for dear life.

“MTV has a big investment in this thing, and I think the public will enjoy coming out to 4C’s and watching how a TV show is made, maybe being in the show!”

The celebrities have varied backgrounds in the world of entertainment:

Leif Garrett is a singer known especially in the ‘70’s and can be remembered for “Put Your Head on My Shoulder,” “Runaround Sue” and other recordings. He performed with the Melvins as well as individually and with other groups. ‘Vanilla Ice’ became famous as a white rapper and as a winner of an American Music Award. He is involved in several reality shows. Stephen Baldwin is the youngest of a family of actors including Daniel, William and Alec. Stephen is a “born again” Christian and has an active ministry. He was injured while attempting to ride a bull on Wednesday and had to be taken to the hospital. However, he is taped up and back at work. Raghib “Rocket” Ismail is a talented wide receiver who played football in the NFL and Canadian Football League. He recorded two 1,000 yard receiving seasons in the NFL, but his most successful season came in 1999 when he joined the Dallas Cowboys. That year, Ismail caught for a career-high 1,097 yards from Troy Aikman and wore #81. Kenny Bartram seems to be the most qualified to be a bull rider, considering his previous injuries in his chosen sport of Motocross. Nicknamed “Cowboy,” Bartram has suffered 22 broken bones, seven teeth knocked out, a steel plate in his jaw, and damaged blood vessels in his brain. Dan Clark is best known for his performance in the popular show American Gladiators where he was an overpowering success in a game of “last man standing.” Jonny (Dalton) Fairplay is a professional wrestler who came in third on Survivor: Pearl Island. He has been on several reality shows, including Fear Factor and Celebrity Poker Showdown.

Josh (Bring the Pain) Haynes is a martial arts fighter and was part of the reality show, “The Ultimate Fighter”.

Francisco Quinn, son of Anthony Quinn, has a long list of film and television show credits including, “Platoon,” “Criminal Minds,” “ER,” “CSI Miami,” and “NCIS.” He was a longtime star on the soap, “The Young and the Restless.”

“We hope that everyone in Stephenville will come out to this event on Tuesday night,” Murray said. “I promise there’ll be lots of action from these bulls and hopefully what I have tried to teach these very able men will be fun and successful for them.”