Dear Editor,

After reading the article in your paper Wednesday, Jan. 17, 2007, I really wonder if the Stephenville City Council members are concerned with the protection that the police department give our citizens. Tasers are a much needed piece of equipment for our officers. It has been proven many times to not only keep officers safe, but also to stop a criminal without using a gun. With proper training, which I’m sure they would receive, they would not become “taser happy” as one council member put it.

Also, my father has been a Police Chief in several different cities in Texas, many smaller than Stephenville, and in all of them the Police Chief was provided a car for his use on the job. A car equipped with a radio, lights, and a siren is a vital part for his use on the job. To say the request was “out of line” shows that the council should be educated in the needs of the police chief and the job that he does. Other department heads may not be provided a car, but how many other department heads are police officers dealing with life and death situation?

I want to commend the Stephenville Police Department and the Police Chief for doing a wonderful job in serving the citizens of Stephenville. I also would like the council to see that they be given the equipment needed to continue serving us, especially when the money is there in the drug forfeiture funds and at no cost to the citizens of Stephenville.

Mrs. Ethel Rice