E-T Staff Report

Itís a new year and a new day at the Stephenville Empire-Tribune.

As the community continues to change and evolve, becoming more eclectic and dynamic, we believe the hometown newspaper should follow suit.

Readers might have noticed a few subtle and not-so-subtle changes in recent months to the pages of the E-T. Many of our inside pages have been revamped, featuring more local content on the Weekender, Education, Religion, Rodeo, Business and Tarleton pages.

Some of our front page content has also changed. We are now making the effort to offer more law enforcement and courtroom coverage to our readers, along with more in-depth feature stories of local schools and city government, as well as other human interest stories we think readers will enjoy.

Our motto is simple: The more information we provide to our readers, the better product we will produce.

We also believe itís important for the community to know our staff and the many different roles each play in producing the Empire-Tribune.

So for the next three weeks, we will feature one employee daily with their picture, job title, and description of their job duties.

We are excited to take this opportunity to introduce ourselves and hope you enjoy the feature. As always, we will continue to think of ways to improve the content and coverage of this newspaper, while striving to make it a product our City of Champions can be proud of.