The comments in Sunday’s paper by the woman from the American Wind Energy Association are in fact the things that do match reality. She said than wind is more cost effective than natural guest. I would invite readers to go to electric rate comparisons on the internet and look up the various rates for Commerce Energy and Green Mountain Energy. They are two of the largest providers of wind energy for residential usage. “100% wind” energy is the highest rate provided by either company when compared with the other options that they offer.

Wildlife is certainly disturbed by road construction, but road construction does not go on around the clock for decades and does have strobe lights sticking up as high as 40 story buildings. Common sense would tell anyone that deer and other wildlife are going to distance themselves away from such disturbances, just as people will do.

She said that reductions in real estate prices are kind of a wash. That may be so for some people that are actually lucky enough to receive some income from the turbines, but it certainly hurts any neighbors within sight or sound of these giant ferris wheels. I have been a real estate broker for over 37 years and have had first hand experience with large transmission towers within sight of residential areas and can tell you for sure, given a choice, nearly any buyer will buy property as for possible away from such visual pollution. The towers I dealt with were smaller than the ones that will serve the wind industry. Besides that, who is looking for “a wash”.

The future of Erath County is in the future development of high quality housing and keeping much of our larger tracts of land undisturbed and intact for generations to come. The wind industry will destroy both. Taxing entities that give in to short-sighted “profits” will blow off decades of double-digit appreciation that our real estate has been experiencing.

The wind industry would not be constructing a single turbine if it were not for the tens of millions in federal tax credits and even local tax credits that they are receiving. Remember every tax credit dollar is one that we have to make up some where else.

Please do your homework. I have.

Gary Key

Morgan Mill