Hardly anyone is going to deny that the honorable calling of being a teacher is not as simple as it once was. There are any number of reasons why it has gotten more complicated.

But it boils down to the fact that educators have more and more people looking over their shoulders and telling them how to do their jobs.

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Teachers have to deal with an increasing number of mandates from all levels of government.


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But even the pleasure of imparting knowledge to students willing to soak up wisdom is tainted by some of the frustrations mentioned above.

Likely the most challenging role is to gain some sort of control over unruly students.

Dealing with distractions means educators have less time to spend with achieving students.

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Now teachers have to handle troublemakers by referring them up the discipline chain. And if their behavior is not simple outrageous, the punishments generally aren


Depending on their demeanors, some teachers are more respected, and sometimes feared, than others. But they still have to walk lightly and proceed slowly in touchy situations.

So, yes, teachers have lost a lot of their authority. But they still have many ways to influence, goad and even turn around students. And we

—Odessa American