Preliminary TAKS testing results are in for the Stephenville Independent School District and students did well.

Joyce Anderson reported that test results are higher than the state average in every category in almost every grade.

It is projected that Hook Elementary School will be rated as Recognized and all other schools will be rated Academically Acceptable according to a report Anderson gave to the Board of Trustees Monday night.

Superintendent Dr. Darrell Floyd gave updates on issues facing schools and school employees. The House of Representatives should decide within a week of what’s known as the 13th paycheck issue for retired employees instead of a cost of living increase, which it seems would be preferable to most of those involved. It’s reported that the increase would come from current employees, meaning a higher contribution to the Teacher Retirement System to help offset the currently under funded system.

It was reported that 96 percent of all taxes owed to the district have been paid.

"We certainly want to thank the tax payers for getting those in (payments) on a timely basis," Floyd said.

Floyd said the district would be working closely with the tax office on the new "compressed rate," to address the final rate. It has been projected to drop from $1.37 to $1.04 but the exact amount is not yet known.

SHS Principal Travis Stilwell addressed the board regarding 10 seniors not passing all parts of the TAKS tests and currently being unable to participate in graduation ceremonies with their peers.

For the board’s decision on whether these students should be allowed to participate in those ceremonies, please see Wednesday’s E-T.