A night owl - or early bird - made a call to police early Friday morning that led to the arrest of two men.

According to Stephenville Police Chief Patrick Bridges, the police department received a call at about 3:30 a.m. Friday from an individual in the 1000 block of West Vanderbilt Street, reporting a possible car burglary in progress.

"The reporting person indicated he had seen an individual exit a dark-colored Cadillac and later put a back pack in the vehicle," Bridges said. "Then - as he was on the phone with dispatch - the reportee said he heard the alarm from his fiance's car."

Responding to the call, Sgt. Robbie Rudder intercepted the vehicle near the intersection of Vanderbilt and Clinton streets, according to Bridges.

Bridges said there were two men, identified as Stephenville resident Reymundo Saldana, 19, and Erath County resident Hollis Scott Cole, 18, in the car at the time. He also said Rudder observed an unidentified male who fled on foot and was not located by police.

Rudder reportedly received consent from Saldana to search the vehicle and located "various types of property, believed to be stolen." Rudder also found a T-Post driver which he "believed to have been used to break car windows."

Bridges said Rudder observed shards of glass in Saldana's hair and cuts on his hands.

The men were arrested, transported to the Erath County Jail and charged with burglary of a motor vehicle, a class A misdemeanor.

But Bridges said the duo's legal woes may not end there.

"These two guys are believed to be responsible for multiple car burglaries," Bridges said, adding that the department received multiple calls Friday from citizens reporting their vehicles had been burglarized.

Bridges said the individual who made the call for help allowed the department to respond immediately and potentially prevent a greater number of his neighbors from being victimized.

In light of the incident, Bridges is calling on citizens for help in identifying other damage or thefts committed by the suspects Thursday night or early Friday morning.

"If people got to their cars Friday and noticed their vehicles were damaged or property was missing, we would like for them to contact the police department," he said.

Meanwhile, he is also taking the opportunity to remind citizens to protect their valuables. Bridges said evidence showed some of the burglarized vehicles may have been unlocked while containing a variety of valuables including purses, back packs and boots.

"Citizens should always make the effort to protect themselves by locking their doors, removing all valuables from their automobiles and making sure anything left in their cars is out of plain sight," Bridges said.

You can contact the Stephenville Police Department by calling non-emergency dispatch at 918-1200.