Dustin Meiron has an idea.

Meiron, who lives in Village Trailer Park, was the only city resident to present the Stephenville City Council with a written suggestion for next year’s budget.

His idea?

Build a small playground in or near the trailer park, which he said is located “precisely” where U.S. 377 splits at W. Washington St. and W. South Loop.

“This location is not only a nightmare for the residents trying to cross the multiple lanes and multiple speeds of traffic, but it is unthinkable for a child to cross the highway,” Meiron said in a letter to city council members.

As a result, Meiron submitted the proposal for the playground to be built because the children in “this little community” are isolated from city parks “due to danger this section of the Highway 377 presents.”

“A city park would be utilized especially in the summer months and would provide the kids an outlet to their youthful energy,” Meiron said. “Adding a playground to this area would also build to the park’s safety by encouraging families to claim residence here, along with discouraging mischievous behavior of the youth.”

Meiron said “several open areas” of land are available and provide the room need for a “typical city playground.”

“I would give a rough estimate that at least 20 school-aged children live in this park,” Meiron said. “I would love to have the kids playing in a much safer area and out of the streets of the highway and of the streets of our trailer park.”

City council members thanked Meiron for his presentation. The council will consider the 2007-08 budget in the coming months.