To the editor,

Last Thursday Bruner Motors celebrated their 40th year of doing business in Stephenville. Because I had met Dwain in 1969 when he and his family arrived in Stephenville and I am also now employed at Bruner motors, I had planned to arrive at the celebration early enough to give a brief account of my 40-year relationship with Dwain and his family.

However, I got tied up and arrived at the reception later than I expected, so I am taking this forum to express my feeling and appreciation to them for what it has meant and means now to me and our community having the Bruners call Stephenville home.

I first met Dwain when he arrived in Stephenville in 1969 and shortly thereafter purchased a new car from him. Since that time I have bought many more vehicles and perhaps that explains why I now sell them. The old story, eating out, not enough money for the bills and you end up washing dishes. You get the idea.

From first meeting Dwain in 1969 I realized how fortunate our community and area was that he and his family had picked Stephenville to have their business and home.

I was lucky enough to serve on our city council almost 16 years ago and through my working with Dwain and many other caring citizens I saw first hand how Dwain rolled up his sleeves and was always willing to do whatever it took to work and improve our community. I want list all he has done, but he is always willing to work tirelessly and unselfishly for our community.

Stephenville and our entire area have been made a better place to live, work, worship, and raise our families because of Dwain Bruner and his family and Pat and I appreciate what they mean to our community.

If you missed the celebration, go by or call Dwain or Greg and let them know what it means having them in Stephenville.

Thanks to everyone who works so hard to keep Stephenville the best place to live and raise our families.

Thank you,

Larry and Pat Hammett