When you hear the sweet refrain of an old Bob Wills’ number wafting on the breeze, you know that Joseph Jackson has his bow rosined-up and is ready to play.

Jackson, a Huckabay junior, plays fiddle for the Hill City Playboys, and the group uses their music to benefit others.

Dozens of local organizations and families have been helped by concerts throughout the area.

In the past few weeks, the group has played for the Relay for Life at Glen Rose and Stephenville, and also performed a fund-raiser for the Tolar Community Center.

Joseph took up fiddlin’ when he was toddler. His grandfather, Wayland Pack, would play the guitar, and Joseph would pick the strings of an old fiddle and play along. He started lessons when he was five, and by the time he came to Huckabay five years ago, he was already an accomplished player.

Most Huckabay ballgames start with Joseph playing the “Star Spangled Banner.” Joseph’s grandmother, Barbara Pack, is his best fan, especially when he plays her favorite Wills’ numbers: “Milk Cow Blues” and “Faded Love.” Recently Joseph started working on Willie Nelson and Johnny Cash imitations, and according to his mom, the crowds love them.

The Hill City Playboys includes Lynn Parker on steel guitar; Larry Harkins, lead guitar; Alan Parson, rhythm guitar; Ricky Morris, bass guitar; Todd Early, drums; John Goble, piano; Justin Harkins, sound equipment; and Jackson on fiddle.

On June 23rd, @ 7:00 p.m. the Hill City Playboys will be featured at the Birdsong Amphitheater in the Stephenville city park to benefit the family of Patti Wright of Huckabay. Mrs. Wright lost her struggle with cancer over the Memorial Day weekend.