A large group of people spent at least a portion of their Memorial Day weekend locked up in the Erath County Jail after officers with the Stephenville Police Department hauled them in.

Twenty-nine people were arrested and transported to the jail Saturday night after officers broke up a loud party and made several other arrests. Sheriff Tommy Bryant said it was the largest number of people he can ever remember booked into the jail in a single night.

“That’s as many people as I can ever remember coming in at one time,” Bryant said. “On Sunday morning, there were 86 people in here.”

The jail has space for 72.

Bryant said most of the arrests stemmed from a loud party, where at least 12 people were arrested for disorderly conduct and seven others arrested for fighting.

The high number of arrests, he said, took a toll on the jail staff who had to keep up with their “normal rounds” while trying to deal with the unusual influx of people.

“When something like this happens the staff still has to keep up with the every day running of the jail, as well as juggling and booking in an enormous number of people,” Bryant said. “They also have to answer a large number of phone calls from family members wondering if their loved ones are here.”

By Tuesday, things had calmed down considerably and the jail population was down to 62.