With only two names on the table, the Dublin City Council voted Monday to reappoint the city’s representative on the Erath County Appraisal District (ECAD) board of directors.

The current seat, held by Katherine Prater, who also represents Dublin ISD, is set to expire Dec. 31. Prater has served on the ECAD board since 2000. 

During last month’s meeting, council members were charged with canvassing their wards in an effort to identify citizens who would be interested in serving on the ECAD board. Only two suggestions were brought to Monday’s meeting.

Zachary House, Ward 2, said he had spoken with Prater and asked if she would continue to serve on the board if both entities support her reappointment. She would have to adhere to guidelines recently implemented by the city to report ECAD news on a regular basis.

Mayor Tom Gordon suggested the appointment of Gus Martin, who currently serves on the Appraisal Review Board.

In a 6-1 vote the council backed Prater, with freshman council member Aaron Locke, Ward 1, voting against the appointment.

Even with the support of the city council, Prater’s reappointment is not set in stone.

The Dublin ISD board of trustees will meet next Monday to discuss the appointment. If the school district does not affirm Prater’s reappointment and opts to nominate a new ECAD representative, both names will be submitted to the appraisal district office where the final decision will be made by drawing the final appointee’s name from a hat.

The Dublin ISD meets at 7 p.m. Monday.