To the editor,

In response to the letter from Todd Oneth in Friday’s paper: This paper reported that on March 3 I went to the Stephenville City Council and requested that the marker for the brick streets be replaced which was approved.

Drew Wells, director of community services, reported that the bricks that had been taken up from recent work will be used to repair and replace those streets that need maintenance. He also showed a slide of a “brick street district” which will be created from this project.

As to the sign, it was not removed by the city, but was taken by an unknown party after a utility crew failed to put it back in a secure manner. There will be a rededication ceremony after the marker is replaced, and I hope Mr. Oneth and others who are aware of the importance of these streets will attend. When I spoke to the city council, I told them I had heard from many residents like Mr. Oneth who were concerned with the brick streets, and who want them preserved. The city  and Mr. Wells have assured me any future work that will affect the brick streets will begin with a notice to the Texas Historical Commission advising them of such activity. Thank you for your interest.

Cathey Hartmann

Chair, Erath County Historical Commission

To the editor,

I think it is interesting that in the paper on Friday, March 20, there were 28 arrests due to alcohol. These arrests were made between March 10-18, which is only 8 days. Out of those 28, there were 11 arrests made that were 21 years of age or under. All of us who voted to keep Erath County dry, and hate seeing all the shelves in the stores lined with alcohol, are seeing the results of those who voted yes, and a lot of other problems related that we don’t read about. If you haven’t seen what alcohol abuse can do to a family and to children, consider yourself lucky. It starts with one drink.

Anita Kirby


Letter to the editor,

I have just mailed a letter to the city’s water department regarding the very large and heavy “polycart” garbage container recently left on my small duplex-size lot on Rosebud Drive.

I do not want it nor am I able to cope with its size and weight! I have called various public officials and organizations to see if I am in the minority of those who feel this way.

Our street looks so much better without these ugly objects parked on it!

Was it merely coincidence that these “dinosaurs,” which are very green, started their delivery on St. Patrick’s Day? Isn’t that carrying the day for green a bit too far?

An unhappy citizen,

Mary Perry