On one of our weekly trips to the Stephenville Public library back when the summer heat was still bearable our daughters were handed a blue, lined, sheet of paper and invited to participate in the summer reading program. The girls smiled and took the paper all the while I was skeptical, thinking "they will be excited about this for a few weeks, then get busy and forget about it."  To my pleasant surprise, the girls acutally read far more books than required. It may have been the promise of a circus ticket, being cooped up indoors during the scorching heat, or just maybe they finally enjoy reading. 

Yesterday the girls took thier little blue sheets of paper, lines filled with titles of books, to the library to get that circus ticket they'd been talking about all summer.   To all of our surprise, the ticket was tucked away in a goody bag filled with something only a momma might consider the greatest treasure.  As each girl announced the contents of their bag, the list of local businesses with coupons kept growing.  I kept thinking, "Wow, all this support for a summer reading program in a small town."  There lies our treasure.  We live in a community that doesn't limit its support to the high-profile arena of athletics, but gives generously to encourage youth to keep reading.  A skill most mommas find far more valuable than a perfect jump shot.

Thank you to the librarians for all thier hardwork coordinating the program and collecting all those coupons.  Thank you to all the businesses for thier support of our local summer reading program.  I know two little girls who will be eager to pick up that little blue sheet of paper next summer.