Representatives with the U.S. Census Bureau are in the area conducting the American Community Survey, taken every 10 years to provide information for funding for a variety of community programs.

Census American Community Survey is replacing the long-form survey used in years past. According to Eloy Hernandez, U.S. Census Bureau survey coordinator, residents will receive a notice in the mail stating that their address has been selected for the survey and that someone will be coming to their home.

“We’re in every single county right now,” Hernandez said. “Each month we’ll receive a new set of addresses and interview a new sample.”

Hernandez said the survey asks demographic and household questions, as well as questions pertaining to the number of people and ages living at the home.

“We also ask questions for commuting purposes such as what time they leave for work, how long their commute is and where they work,” Hernandez said. “We also ask some health questions for disability purposes, and, of course, we ask questions about education and income level.”

The data is given to federal, state and local governments.

He said the bureau generally interviews eighty households per month in Erath County. Those who are selected to participate in the survey are required to do so. Those who refuse or neglect to answer the questions can be fined up to $100. Anyone who willfully gives false information can be fined up to $500.

The Census Bureau has 12 regional offices. The Dallas office covers Texas, Louisiana and Mississippi. One field representative covers Erath, Hood and Somervell counties.

Representatives will confirm that they are with the Census Bureau by presenting identification when they come to the door.