I must admit, I have gotten many a laugh over the Bush supporters that have written in reference to the Scooter Libby situation. If a member of the Clinton staff had leaked the same information I can just hear the cries of high treason from Hannity, Limbaugh, and others. Instead I hear such quotes as, “technically it wasn’t a crime” and “she wasn’t really an agent.”

Strange that those who so firmly wrap themselves in the American flag, so proudly tout themselves as the moral party, so quickly identify as super patriots, are now reduced to technical excuses. I find no evidence of that unwavering sense of morality, that undeniable dedication to doing the right thing, that staunchness of principle. My, my, have we lost our way? A prominent member of the structure of the American government has identified an undercover agent, ending her career and putting her in great personal danger. This man is found guilty on multiple felony counts by a jury of his peers. His punishment is assigned in accordance to guidelines set by our congress. And your president finds this to be the time to correct an “injustice?”

Never mind the kid who is serving ten years for being involved in a mutual sex acts with a girl two years younger, never mind the border patrol agents who will spend a good portion of their lives in jail for wounding a Mexican drug smuggler. Mr. Bush chose to ignore their situations. But old Scooter, whose office is just down the hall, gets a pat on the back and a get out of jail free card. Call me old fashioned, but I expect more from our president.

Randy Jackson

Paluxy, TX