There will be a little more than 300 freshman entering Stephenville High School soon, and with all of the confusion a new year brings, administrators at SHS believe that being in a new school should not have to be one of them.

At 9 a.m. Thursday, SHS will host FISH Camp 2007. All incoming ninth graders are encouraged to attend to get acquainted with SHS buildings, traditions, and “Making School Count.”

Parents can drop off their student at the SHS cafeteria by 9 a.m. and pick them up at noon by the flagpole.

When the students are dropped off, they will go into the auditorium where they will have some time to chat and find their seats. Packets will then be handed out that contain the students’ schedules, a bell schedule, a map of the campus, a district calendar, club information, dress code and other rules they will need to know, as well as a free “fish” T-shirt to every freshman that attends the camp. The students will then be greeted by Principal Travis Stilwell. After the welcome, a guest speaker will talk about “Making High School Count.”

Freshmen will then be separated into “fish” groups, like bass, trout, and catfish. These groups will each have a leader who is a member of the student council. These leaders will take their groups on tours of the campus so that the new students will know how to find their classes and navigate the campus in a timely manner when classes begin Monday, Aug. 27.

The tours will end back at the auditorium, where the student council will perform a skit entitled, “Be Cool, Don’t Break the Rules.”

The skit will inform incoming freshmen about school rules such as dress code. Assistant Principal Jan Vaughn said that while informative, the skit is funny, as well, and that there will be two students impersonating herself and Mr. Dean, the other assistant principal. At the conclusion of the skit, Vaughn and Dean will give the SHS-dos-and-don’ts talk to the students to give them a clear idea of the rules — and consequences of breaking them.

To finish up, ninth graders will be taken to the gym and shown where to sit during pep rallies. At 11:40 a.m., the SHS marching band and cheerleaders will lead a mock pep rally to get the students fired up about school and show them what to expect for future pep rallies.

“Unless you’ve had a big brother or sister in high school and have been to a pep rally before, you don’t know that there is a special section where the freshman sit,” Vaughn said, “and we understand that can be intimidating, so we do this to give them an idea of where to go and what to do.”

If you have questions, call the high school at 968-4141.