Work by Oklahoma artist Anthony Mitchell is now on display at the Cross Timbers Fine Arts Council.

“My work expresses personal feelings and ideas I have at a particular moment,” Mitchell said.

The artist said he feels his work portrays art in its purest form.

“I make no excuses for my work. It is what I do,” he said.

But to others, his work might seem strange or absurd.

He said he is most influenced by cartoons, music, news, media, among other things.

Stephenville High School art teacher Mary Waters and her class viewed the work on Tuesday.

Students asked if he was continually dedicated to one project at a time.

“Often it can take a year to complete a work. If the sketch or colors on the canvas are not pleasing at that moment, I put it in the closet to get it out of my mind,” he said. “Then, after a while, I pull it out and either finish it or recycle the canvas.”

He has completed some award winning pieces within a week.

Mitchell told the class he works daily.

Exhibit visitors will want to take time to study this young artist's renditions.

“Alice,” an oil and acrylic, is depicted as a modern young adult having survived her adventures in Wonderland. Her melancholy expression might mirror her feeling of wanting to be whisked back down to a place of fantasy and rabbits. Mitchell said he is concerned about global people and events when he paints.

“God Takes a Vacation from Man” depicts a huge Buddha-type figure sitting on a throne above the world and peeling an orange while watching events created by man. Below him on the left are pictures of wars, floods, fires, and other catastrophes.

The exhibition, “The World Through My Eyes,” can be viewed through Oct. 31.

For additional information about the exhibit or artist, visit call 254-965-6190.