For the past seven years I have listened to the constant whining of the Republicans in reference to the unfair bias of the “liberal” media. How very strange that only today former Bush press secretary Scott McClellan came clean and announced that President Bush and Vice President Cheney were involved in the CIA leak cover up. Now folks, this is not Hillary or Obama. This is the president’s press secretary, a man handpicked by Bush himself. Wouldn’t on think this act of treason would rate front page coverage in the Star Telegram? Not so. It is snugly hidden on page eight. I tuned in to Rush. I guess he didn’t get the news. He was too busy talking about how conservation was not an option to fuel shortages, how solar power and alternative fuels were a joke and that the real way to bring energy prices down was to allow unrestricted oil drilling. That was followed by his observation that recent statistics show that the rich were getting richer and everyone else was stagnant. To Rush this is good. It shows that people can progress? Not one mention of Bush and Cheney. I cannot imagine what his reaction would have been if this would have happened in the Clinton administration. After all, the Republicans called for the impeachment of Clinton based on his refusal to talk about personal events. It will be very interesting to see what action they pursue on Bush/Cheney and their part in a scandal that exposed an undercover CIA agent. To most administrations it would be treason. Unfortunately in 2007 it appears to be business as usual.

Randy Jackson