With Veteran’s Day today, this expression of gratitude is appropriate.

On Monday, around noon, my 20-year-old son called me at work and shouted, “Mom, I’m on highway 281. I’ve had a blowout and my jack is not in with the spare.”

I could hear the traffic in the background roaring by. It would make any mother uneasy.

I told my boss what was going on and left. After arriving, my jack and I did our best to help. Struggling with stubborn lug nuts, a jack that moved a millimeter a minute and cars flying by at 79 mph, my son pressed on.

I never expected anyone to stop and help. I figured the folks whizzing by had their own agendas. But to my surprise, a small pickup pulled up behind my car. Out stepped a man dressed in camouflage fatigues. He smiled, adjusted his beret and headed our way.

He helped us remove the lug nuts and retrieved a jack that worked. During our visit, I learned the kind stranger was a 25-year veteran due to retire in January. He has served overseas and in Desert Storm. He was also stationed in Fort Hood.     

I believe this act of kindness is an example of the character our military men and women possess.  Not only do our soldiers serve their country, they serve their communities.

I thanked the soldier for helping us. I made a mental note of his name on his uniform, and as he walked away I thanked him for serving our country. He smiled and said, “Thanks for your support.”

Jesmore was the name on the uniform.

Thank you, Mr. Jesmore. Your help has reinforced my pride in being an American. I encourage everyone in some way to thank a veteran.


Andrea York