Does Stephenville have a problem with illegal immigration? Iíve been asked by some of my constituents to research this, which I have done. Farmers Branch recently made legal and national news by mandating that the official language of that city would be English. Fine and well, I donít have a problem with that. Is the same needed in Stephenville? Other than ballots in another language, which are required by our apparent multilingual state, I have not found anything significant in the cityís documentation that is in another language, or that requires taxpayer money and staff time to translate. If the city requires Spanish be on city documents, then I will demand that Swahili, German, Japanese, and many other languages be present.

I really donít think we have the same problem here that border cities have. I donít know about how much money Erath County spends on language translation, county costs for illegals at the county hospital and the like. That is not within my purview as an elected representative of the city. Sure, I believe that illegal immigrants are just that, ILLEGAL, and should be treated as any other suspected criminal. I donít care that they supposedly contribute to the economy or pay taxes and social security, they break our national laws simply by being here, just as any other criminal. This is a federal matter and should be dealt with as such. I do think that law enforcement, in the course of investigation or routine procedures should enforce all laws equally. This includes federal, state and local laws. We should not knowingly accept an illegal immigrant no more than we should a person who illegally posts a garage sale sign on a utility pole or someone who runs a red light. Sure we seem to tolerate (to a point) such crimes as illegal immigration, but tolerance is not the same as acceptance. Some believe that if we tolerate things long enough that we know are wrong, we will learn to accept them. Donít believe it.

Mark Murphy

Stephenville City Council

Place 7