I read your column, “Honey, did you really ask me that?” in the Nov. 7 issue of the Empire-Tribune.   

“As for me, I’ll never be able to care about politics as little as my husband, but I can tell you this; All I want in a commissioner is one who will keep the pot-holes on my county road at bay so my little car’s tires don’t go flat.  I couldn’t care less if they are Republican or Democrat and I am surprised it matters to so many

others.”  - Sara Vanden Berge

I, too, live on a county road and we have a lovely example of a pothole on our road.  I seem to forget that it is there at times and that is not a pleasant experience.  However, when I vote for commissioner of our precinct in the next election the lovely pot-hole will not be in my thoughts.

Many people, if not the majority, have no idea what a county commissioner’s job involves other than fixing pot-holes and the upkeep of county roads. Pretty yellow road graders are the things that come to mind most often when the word commissioner is mentioned. To vote for any candidate involves much more than knowing the political party of the candidate. It means knowing what his/her job requires and the qualifications they bring to the job.

Our county commissioners serve in the same way as the Board of Directors for a large corporation disbursing our tax dollars to various county agencies. The county budget for this year is $8,354,866. Granted, a large portion of those funds will be spent on roads. They also set the budget for all other county offices.  Should a person who has no business experience be considered for the office of commissioner above someone who may have run his/her own business or has business experience? I think not. Capable and experienced people can be hired to grade roads but only our commissioners are responsible for millions of tax dollars.

I hope that in every election the people of Erath County will consider all candidates and their qualifications for the job they are seeking. I also hope the candidates for office will not be surprised that it really does matter to so many of us.

Alice Davis                                         

Morgan Mill