What was Phillip Martin, 45, thinking on Wednesday afternoon when he allegedly walked into the First Financial Branch Bank on Lingleville Highway, instructed the teller to give him money, and then further instructed the teller to call police and tell them he’d be waiting for them on the curb?

That’s something police are still trying to figure out, according to Jason King, captain over the police department’s Criminal Investigation Division.

King said dispatch received a call of a robbery in progress a few minutes after one in the afternoon. He said Martin did not have weapons on him, was not physically or verbally abusive and appeared sober.

Officers arrested Martin, charged him with robbery - a second-degree felony — and took him to jail.

“This was a very unusual, non-typical situation,” King said. King said Martin did not have a vehicle and was apparently on foot.

King said the bank employees were emotionally upset but they handled the situation just like they were supposed to.

King said the amount of money taken won’t be disclosed to the public.