I noticed that a wild hog around 300 pounds was hit on U.S. 67, just east of 281 about two miles last Tuesday night. It apparently was hit by a truck, as it was thrown about a 100 feet down the road. The size of this animal would have totaled a car. I checked on the Internet and found through a professional hunter that the population of hogs in Texas is over 4,000,000. What is being done about this? Having raised domestic hogs on a farm in west Texas during the 1960s, I know that hogs can multiply like rabbits. They can have eight to 15 piglets per litter and have at least two litters per year.

You do the math. With a population of four million already and multiplying at the above rate, it is just a matter of time until they are gathering pecans in the City Park and in your yard.

By the way, the female hog (sow) that was killed was three to five years old and had probably raised 30 to 50 piglets. What to do, what to do?

Vernon R. Sneed


In the words of Elvis Presley (my daughter’s namesake), “Thank you, thank you very much.”

From the bottoms of our hearts, the Boydstun family and Coach Greg Winder (Presley’s uncle) would like to say thank you to the community of Stephenville, the Yellow Jacket football team, the coaching staff and the student body of Stephenville High School.

Last Friday night was one of the best nights of Presley’s life. Your participation and support of the “White Out Leukemia” event at the football game was uplifting and inspiring. Thank you for taking us into your community and showing us love and support in so many different ways. You make us proud to be Texans and Yellow Jackets.

Coach Joseph Gillespie, Coach Jeffery Thompson, Coach Eric Rivas and Matt Copeland are outstanding individuals and pillars of your community. I hope that you love and respect them as much as our family does. These men took the time to bring an event to life and bring joy to Presley in her battle against leukemia.

As a parent, I was overwhelmed by seeing the white T-shirts in the stands, the enthusiasm of the cheer squads and support from the men on the field for a young girl most had never met. While some people lament the next generation in our country, they have obviously never been to Stephenville. Class, dignity and compassion are three words that describe the young people of Stephenville High School.

A couple of examples: I was astounded during the fourth quarter after a Yellow Jacket touchdown, when a young man ran off the field directly toward Presley, Peri-Ann and I. He introduced himself as Kody Travis, shook our hands and told Presley she was in his prayers every night. He touched all of our hearts with that simple, unprovoked gesture.

On the ride back to my father-in-law’s house, we were listening to the post game show on KSTV radio. A young man called in to discuss the game and T.R. Varnado’s new hairdo (dyed blonde for white out). The young man ended the call with a “shout out” to Presley Boydstun and her family and said he was praying for her. Although exhausted, Presley was again uplifted by the thoughtfulness.

However, I am not surprised at the quality of people in Stephenville. Another pillar of your community, Tarleton Coach Sam McElroy has been a source of wisdom and strength for us since the beginning of this battle. Coach McElroy’s daughter Maddie went through a similar battle with leukemia a few years ago.

Upon hearing our diagnosis, Sam drove to Houston, came to the hospital and spent hours with us explaining things in terms a parent could understand. Sam and Val continue to be sources of wisdom, support and comfort through our battle.

Again, our heartfelt thanks for your love, generosity and support. We are Yellow Jackets and Texans for life!

Eric, Peri-Ann, Presley and Piper Boydstun

Team Presley