After hearing a few comments from people I know about Sunday’s “Letter to the Editor,” I feel compelled to write a disclaimer stating that the author of that letter was not my daughter. Whitney, a former reporter for the Empire-Tribune is now Whitney Lee. She was and is a supporter of the bond issue.

In response to Whitney White-Vineyard’s comment comparing the school board to a 16-year-old asking for a Porsche, it seems to me that the request more closely resembled one for a Honda Civic. I don’t consider the safety and security of my grandchildren and other children in the district to be luxuries. Her reasoning that refusing to vote for the bond would somehow encourage teachers and board members to do a better job is ridiculous. If we are losing more experienced teachers it may, in fact, be that they are choosing to work in school districts whose facilities show that parents and the community are willing to provide them with the tools necessary to teach in the 21st century.

My one complaint about the school board’s campaign is that they did not stress enough how little the $33 million bond would actually cost each family and how much more it will cost in the future, both in terms of money spent and quality of education lost. Teachers do the best they can with what they have. Don’t make their jobs any harder.


Marlene White