Dublin Independent School District is looking toward the future and planning for it as well.

During Tuesday’s board meeting, DISD Superintendent Shaun Barnett requested two additional job positions be created to assist with  technology growth the district will implement over the next few years.

“We are really embarking on an initiative here on technology,” Barnett said.

An additional computer technician, which will begin on a part-time basis, and a technology instructionalist were both approved by the board.

The technology instructionalist will be responsible for integrating technology into classrooms.

“What they (teachers) tell us is that we would love to use technology, but we don’t know how,” Barnett said.

Podcasts, blogs and additional SMART Boards are just a few of the items that Barnett hopes to incorporate into the district for daily use.

“Those are some of the things we are going to insist take place in our schools. We have a lot of computers, but we don’t have a lot of technology and we don’t integrate it into our teaching,” he said.

Barnett said he visited another district recently where every student, grades seven through 12, has a MacBook laptop. While a step that big might not be in the near future, there are steps the district can take to get closer to that goal.

“Right now there are two SMART Boards in the entire district,” Barnett said. “We begin by getting SMART Boards in each classroom.”

The board was receptive to Barnett’s message and even provided input supporting the project.

“I would really like to see our high school get equipped first because those kids will be going to higher education (institutions),” board member Lathes Towns said. “Get the high school students where they need to be to prepare them for the next level.”

Barnett said creating the two additional positions is just the beginning of the path to technological success in Dublin schools.

“You are going to hear me talk about this over the next coming months,” he said. “I look forward to bringing you a lot more information on technology.”