It is estimated that more than 46 million turkeys were eaten on Thanksgiving, 2006. That's a lot of gobble. Have a great Thanksgiving. Gook luck on the snap of the wishbone.

1.The Turkey Trot ballroom dance was named for turkeys. True or False

2.The Guinness Book of Records states the largest dressed turkey (cooked with dressing) was:

A. 42 lbs.

B. 65 lbs.

C. 57 lbs.

D. 86 lbs.

3.Historians have proven that the pilgrims didn't really wear those funny hats and buckles on their shoes. True or False

4.How long was the voyage from England to the New World?

A. 43 days

B. 66 days

C. 106 days

5.There were more pilgrims than Indians at the first Thanksgiving feast? True or False

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