Included in the bull pen at American Airlines Center on Saturday were two of the top bulls in the bucking bull business. Little Yellow Jacket, voted the last three years as "King of the Bucking Bulls," and Blueberry Wine, a household name after seven years on the PBR tour, will be retired by their respective owners after the after the PBR Finals in November.

Little Yellow Jacket has been ridden only 12 times out of 85 recorded tour outs. Gilbert Carrillo and Ty Murray professional bull-riders in Erath County both made successful rides.

Ty Murray, PBR president and nine-time World Champion was the first man to conquer both Little Yellow Jacket and Blueberry Wine.

He said this about their retirement.

"I consider myself quite fortunate to have had the honor of competing in the same era as two of the greatest bulls of all time. Little Yellow Jacket to me represented the total package. I consider him to be one of the toughest bulls going, nothing bothers him. He has been hauled all over the nation and he has always put forth the ultimate effort.

"Blueberry Wine will go down as one of the greatest of all time. There have been bulls that were physically put together better, but the size of his heart is what has made him a legend. Blueberry Wine is way too little to perform to the level that he has, but every trip out he fires. When I rode him I felt like he actually had bucked me off the whole way and I felt lucky to have made the whistle."

Little Yellow Jacket is co-owned by Berger, Taupin and Teague Bucking Bulls, an interesting trio. Both Chad Berger and Tom Teague are bull-breeders and Bernie Taupin, strangely enough is a lyricist for Elton John among others. LYJ has a 90 percent buck-off rate this year in 10 outings, with an average time of 3.11 seconds to unseat the rider. The average score for the three riders who have kept a seat is 93.73.

Blueberry Wine, owned by Bobby Herrington of Mont Belview, announced this 1,100 pound bull retirement with this statement.

"I, along with the entire Herrington family, consider it a privilege to announce the retirement of Blueberry Wine. In a sport as physically demanding as bull riding is on both rider and bull, seldom do we have the opportunity to watch an athlete as great as Blueberry Wine compete for so long. "

Blueberry Wine is 10 years old, retirement age for a bucking bull but in 11 attempts this year his buck-off is 100 percent. When a rider has managed to stay on his back for 8 seconds, the average score is 92 points.