Barack Obama is a flimflam man. For those readers who don’t know what that means, harken back to the Broadway musical (later a movie) “The Music Man”.

Professor Harold Hill (who, like Obama, had no credentials) persuaded the parents in River City to order brass horns so they could have a band. When the instruments arrived, the kids couldn’t play them because they couldn’t read music.

Professor Hill told them to just ‘think’ the tunes and they could play them.

Obama promises “change” (not defined) and says it can be achieved with “hope”.

If Hillary Clinton does not get the Democratic nomination, it will be because the women who have waited so long for a woman to achieve the top spot didn’t vote for her. I would suggest they return to the kitchen and be quiet. They blew their chance. They were “flimflammed”.

John Dillingham


To the editor,

It’s been a week since Jeremiah Wright’s inflammatory anti-America comments threw a wrench in the Obama campaign and, quite frankly, I’m sick of hearing about it. Not nearly so sick as the comments themselves, but sick of it never the less.

If the so-called journalists of the world had done the most rudimentary bit of leg work Obama’s connection to Wright and those of his ilk would have been clear a long time ago. Instead these stalwarts of the fourth estate have reacted in their typical sensationalist fashion and damn near beat the rigor mortis out of this deceased equine. Meanwhile, Her Royal Hillaryness, probably the original source of this info, is most likely doing the ecstasy two-step.

I really don’t know why this has been such a big deal. Barack Obama has long associated himself with the liberal Hate America First segment of society. To his credit he’s made no secret of his left wing bent and supporters like the bloated toad of Chappaquiddik and charlatans like Al Sharpton and Jessie Jackson have only reinforced this position. He’s certainly not an unappealing person; articulate, mannered, even handsome in a Ross Perot/Dumbo kind of way, but he’ a socialist plain and simple.

Up until Wright came crashing out of the brush - I just couldn’t bring myself to say bushes - Obama’s hypnotic charisma had pretty much slapped Hillary to the back row. His hollow “we need change” mantra had much of the nation, especially the young, mesmerized and he was getting stronger by the day. Despite the fact his only concrete campaign promise is to break out the bed sheets and go French in Iraq, many thought he had all the answers, now he’s got some major damage control to do.

I agree with Obama the nation needs some major changes, but those changes need to go far deeper than any politico would dare espouse. Many of those problems are directly tied to the economic rape of the middle class and our social infrastructure nobody, especially the fourth estate, wants to address them, It wouldn’t be politically correct.

Much of that needed change would become more evident if the learned journalists of the world would put the spotlight on the absolute thievery that dominates all levels of our government rather than shine it on some tired old racist hate-monger from Chicago.

Denver Doggett