Jazz music fans are in for a treat Thursday night.

Greg Ball, director of Tarleton Jazz Ensembles, and his father David, will give a concert at 7:30 p.m. in the small theatre at the Tarleton Fine Arts Center. The theatre will provide an intimate setting for the informal concert and musicians will be able to interact and connect with the audience, Greg said.

Stephenville residents will have a rare opportunity to listen to David Ball play the vibraphone, an instrument in the percussion family, similar in appearance to the xylophone. Some may remember the instrument being played professionally by the well-known Lionel Hampton, whom Greg said his father emulated in his younger years.

Greg will musically delight the audience with his saxophone.

Greg said he began performing in public with his father when he was eleven years old in his home state of Ohio.

“It’s been about a decade since we have performed together,” Greg said. “We decided to give the concert to celebrate his (David’s) 70th birthday.”

Greg said his father’s band is called Good Vibes and performs regularly in Ohio.

“My early memories are of him practicing at home and going on gigs with him,” Greg said. “He had a gig almost every weekend.”

Greg said he learned to play the saxophone in school but his training on how to play in a small group came from his dad.

Some tunes concert-goers can expect to hear are Polka Dots and Moonbeams, Blue Monk, and Dreamsville.