He is being called the “miracle baby.”

After nearly drowning in his family’s swimming pool last Saturday, 3-year-old Clayton Goodman has made a full recovery and left Cook Children’s Medical Center in Fort Worth Wednesday.

“It’s a miracle. It’s unbelievable,” Sharon Goodman, the child’s mother, said. “I’m still in shock that he’s doing so well.”

Last week, Sharon said she had the scare of her life when she pulled her son’s lifeless body from the family’s in-ground swimming pool. Sharon and her two sons, Clayton, and Travis, 5, had spent part of the day swimming in the backyard.

“It was the first time we used the pool this year,” she said. “The water was still a little murky and it was cold, but the kids were having fun.”

After deciding to take a break from swimming, Sharon said she and the kids went inside the house to dry off and watch television. A short time later, Clayton said he wanted to swim again.

“So I got up and went in the bedroom to get some shorts on,” Sharon said.

But when she walked out, Clayton was gone.

“I was gone for less than a minute,” she said. “He disappeared that fast.”

Sharon said the first thing she did was check the pool. When she didn’t see him, she walked around the house calling his name and headed to the barn about 40 yards away from the swimming pool.

“I knew he couldn’t have gone far because he didn’t have any shoes on,” she said. “When I was walking back from the barn I started to get a really bad feeling — so I started running back to the pool.”

That’s when she spotted her son lying in the shallow end. She jumped in and pulled him out of the water and immediately began CPR. When neighbors didn’t hear her cries for help, Sharon told Travis to get the phone. He came back with the cordless house phone, but it was connected to the Internet and didn’t work.

“So I told him to get my cell phone,” she said. “I wasn’t about to stop (CPR). I was screaming for him to hurry.”

Travis did what his mother asked and dialed 911, but the connection only allowed her to get the address to dispatchers. A sheriff’s deputy arrived at the scene and helped her perform CPR.

The next thing she remembers is watching EMS put her son in the ambulance to take him to the hospital.

“I remember hearing them say there was a heartbeat and a pulse when they got him in the ambulance,” she said.

Clayton was transported by air to Cook Children’s Medical Center where 24 hours after his arrival he was sitting up in bed and talking.

“At first he was talking about strange things like sharks, but that has stopped,” she said. “It could have been so much worse. Even the doctors are surprised at how well he’s doing. They said they’ve never seen anything like it.”

Sharon said she believes the reason she didn’t spot her son in the swimming pool the first time she looked for him was because he wasn’t wearing any clothes.

“He had no clothes on so there wasn’t a bright bathing suit to contrast in the water,” she said. “He just blended in.”

Sharon said doctors expect Clayton to make a full recovery and is sure that all the prayers her son received helped him get better.

For now, the family is relishing in the fact that things turned out so well.

“When I get him home, I’m not going to let him out of my sight,” she said.