Stephenville High School student-athletes are often publicized for their athletic achievements. Equally impressive is the recognition they earn in the classroom.

Stephenville Athletic Director Chad Morris has released a report that boasts a 96-percent passing rate among all student-athletes during the first six weeks of the 2007-08 academic school year, with 27-percent qualifying for the “A honor roll. A total of 68-percent earned “A/B honors.

There are 88 total student-athletes on the “A honors list, while 221 are noted on the A/B.

37-percent of all volleyball players made straight A's the first six weeks, highlighted by 69-percent of the varsity roster being honored.

Among the cross country runners, 33-percent were recognized for all A's, while 32-percent of girls basketball players are listed.

In football, 30 Yellow Jackets recorded straight A's, with 10 of them playing for the top-ranked varsity team. Overall, 23-percent of all football players were noted on the “A honor roll, including 28-percent of the varsity roster. 73-percent of football players made all A's and B's.

“This is the best start to a year the athletic department has ever had academically, Morris said.

See Page 5 for a list of student-athletes who qualified for the “A honor roll.

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