Just six days after biting a woman at Wal-Mart, Brandy, a male red heeler/pit bull mix belonging to local homeless man Thomas Genova, is awaiting his trial date from the confines of the Erath County Humane Society’s quarantine pen.

Brandy was picked up by animal control officers on Thursday night after he bit a Dublin woman outside of the Stephenville retailer, and was transferred to the ECHS, where he is obligated to serve out a 10-day quarantine time. His fate will then be decided in a hearing at a yet to be determined date.

“Brandy and I are on a first-name basis,” said ECHS caregiver, Judy Halmark. “He is just fine with me, we go for walks in the mornings, but he growls and barks at anyone else.”

Brandy, although friendly to his caregiver, has had problems with strangers in the past. He bit a Whataburger employee in January, which led to his first time behind bars in the quarantine pen.

Following a community outcry against the ordinance that would declare Brandy a “dangerous dog”, therefore requiring Genova to keep him in a secure enclosure and carry a $100,000 insurance policy on the canine, Genova reached a plea deal with the city which allowed Brandy to be released back to him, but under certain conditions. Wearing a muzzle and keeping the dog restrained at least 50 feet from any entrance were two of the restrictions imposed by the city.

In the Thursday night incident, it was discovered that neither of these two conditions were met, with Brandy being restrained, unmuzzled, at the entrance of Wal-Mart.

Since then, Brandy has been serving out his time in confinement and according to the Justice of the Peace, Shawnee Bass, they are awaiting a request for a hearing.

In the meantime, Halmark says that she has fielded a few calls concerning Brandy, but that the amount of people that have called pales in comparison to the first time Brandy was at the ECHS.