I enjoyed Stuart Chilton’s remembrance of the attempt by the A&M Board in trying to turn Arlington State College (ASC) into “Texas A&M at Arlington.” Bettye and I were juniors at ASC when this was going on. ASC actually had a larger enrollment than the College Station campus and was growing at a faster rate. It was probably a good opportunity for ASC to move upward in prestige and funding, but A&M made the move with virtually no input from the students and faculty in Arlington. If they had gone about it in a more open and slower fashion, maybe things could have been worked out. There were huge protest rallies on campus during the winter and spring of 1965 that led to the “compromise” of shifting ASC to the UT System. The new name that first year (1965-66) was “Arlington State College of the University of Texas.” It became UTA in 1966. Bettye and I have “adopted” Tarleton since moving here eleven years ago and are always amazed at the similarities throughout the years between these two great institutions. Arlington has the better location for explosive growth, but Tarleton has the perfect setting for students wanting a truly quality education in an almost perfectly sized campus and town. The icing on the cake would be if Tarleton could join the Southland Conference and “renew” some of those old rivalries with the “Arlington State College Junior Aggies,” later known as Rebels, and now known as Mavericks. Hopefully the Plowboys will not “shoot down” any more planes coming in from Arlington, if we do start playing one another again.


Gary Key

Morgan Mill