Two days before Thanksgiving, a Strawn business owner noticed something strange on his land.

Jimmy Guest, owner of Guest Ranch, discovered the remains of five exotic animals near his home on the ranch on Nov. 24.

The expensive exotics were two bull elks and three fallow bucks, which were all decapitated.

The 800-acre ranch has several species of exotic animals, which are used for private hunting. The poaching, however, was not a private party authorized by Guest Ranch.

According to Guest, the perpetrators cut the fence to gain access to the property. Once on the ranch, the subjects then killed the five animals and took their heads, which included the antlers.

Guest and the Palo Pinto County Sheriff’s Department are working together to find the criminals. They are currently running ads in local newspapers announcing a $4,000 award, funded by the Guest Ranch, for any information on the poachers. It is believed the poachers were after the antlers for selling purposes or for their own personal use.

Anyone with information on the poaching crime should contact the Palo Pinto Sheriff’s Department at 940-659-2085 or Jimmy Guest at 817-228-4330.