The Dublin Independent School District is expected to break ground on the new Intermediate school in about three weeks according to Superintendent Roy Neff. The Board of Trustees set the wheels in motion when they approved the guaranteed base price plus alternative upgrades as presented by Sedalco Construction Company Tuesday night.

The guaranteed base bid was $6,351,000 and the board approved the following upgrades:

Addition of two classrooms - $100,900

Concrete paving - $116,600

Renovation of existing elementary school activity room - $41,200

Vinyl wall covering in hallways opposite lockers - $8,400

HVAC controls - $51,000

Base cabinets in classrooms - $36,800

Upper cabinets in classrooms - $19,600

Computer counter in classrooms - $19,700

Display case - $9,600

Upper cabinets in rooms A (137/145) and B (109) - $4,400

Open shelving unit and upper cabinets in Science prep room - $1,500

Public address/bell system - $42,600

Unshielded twisted pair (UTP) cabling - $33,300.

The upgrades will make the grand total of the building $6,836,600. The construction company representatives told the board it will be a race against time to get students in the building by the beginning of next August.

“We're on a dynamic freight train to get this thing done by August 1, pending some good weather - we're going to need that, Sedalco Director of Operations, Russ Garrison, said.

The company said they would start mobilizing a week from Monday and said they had always been able to turn money savings back to the districts they worked for.

Joe Willingham was the only board member to express an interest in evaluating plans in more detail and said he didn't feel comfortable making a decision based on a 20-minute presentation. He said he didn't want to end up like Lipan with a school full of mold because of a construction problem.

In the end, he voted to approve with Sammy Moore being the only member to vote against the measure.

In other business, the board:

Amended the budget to cover the $10,000 additional cost of buying a new school bus