I heard and listened to a sad commentary from a young lady the other day. I was sitting at a communal table in a restaurant and she was describing her dissatisfaction of our government. She talked to everyone there including me about how the whole system was corrupt and it was going to get worse because of how the election came out. One of the things she kept hammering about was to blame the Republican Party and Bush for everything thatís wrong. She drew me into the conversation a couple of times but in the end I went back to my book.

As her group left she stopped next to me and said she was sorry and hoped she hadnít upset me. I responded that she hadnít and noted that not once did I raise my voice as others did. I also told her that what did upset me was that she, at her age, was so down on our government. She asked me if I didnít think they were all corrupt and self-serving? I asked her to look around and tell me if everyone in this room were bad people?

As she started to leave I asked a couple of questions I would ask anyone who complains about the way things are.

1) Have you ever written a letter to the editor of your opinions?

2) Have you ever written a letter/email to anyone in congress or any branch of the government?

3) Have you ever studied a candidate for any office to find one you thought would be right, and back them?

4) Do you vote?

I looked at her and said ďIf you havenít then you are part of the problem, you must be involved to change the status quo.Ē She smiled and said thanks for being so nice and not angry at her beliefs and that I had given her a lot to think about. There was more we talked about but that was the key points.

If you are upset about the way things are, study the situation, look up the facts, then and only then can you form an opinion. The information is out there all we need to do is look it up, not opinions or rhetoric but facts. Did Bush and congress do everything right? No, and there were several things I disagreed with them on, and I wrote letters to voice my opinion on those issues. Be Involved.

C.R. Bragg