Citizens concerned about the impact of a decision made by the Stephenville City Council to close a portion of Lillian Street, a north/south thoroughfare across the city, and deed the roadway to Tarleton State University, will soon get to take a test drive.

Lillian will be closed from Washington to Vanderbilt streets to accommodate a construction project at the university.

Beginning at 6 a.m. on Monday, Dec. 14, the street will close and remain closed for about two weeks. Barricades and signage will be placed at Washington, Tarleton and Vanderbilt streets to redirect traffic.

According to Project Manager Casey D. Matthews with Satterfield & Pontikes Construction, the work will upgrade existing underground chilled and heated water piping across the campus. The system is tied into all of the buildings on campus and feeds the HVAC systems in each building.

“We have already installed a significant amount of the system, however, we will need to take this line  across (under) Lillian Street,” Matthews said. “There are four pipes being installed in the ground - a chilled water supply, a chilled water return, a heated water supply and a heated water return.”

Once the pipe is laid, the roadway will also have to be repaired and resurfaced.

In an effort to not impact student traffic, the university and contractors opted to complete the work during Tarleton’s winter break, which may not give citizens to get a true taste of life without Lillian since the city streets will be void of university traffic.