As the school year comes to a close the faculty and staff of Stephenville High School took the opportunity Thursday evening to recognize students and celebrate their academic achievements at the SHS?Parent-Teacher Organization-sponsored (PTO)?Academic Awards Ceremony.

The assembly included the presentation of numerous awards and scholarships, of which this year’s graduating class received more than $848,000 in funding to put towards their college education.

This year marked the eighteenth annual awards ceremony and the nineteenth year for the SHS PTO, formerly known as Renaissance.

Travis Stillwell, principal of SHS, thanked the many parents, businesses, civic organizations and Stephenville ISD who support the PTO each year.

“This year, the supporters of the Stephenville High School PTO have made it possible for three graduating seniors to receive $1,000 scholarships and one senior to receive a $750 scholarship, and two seniors to receive a $500 scholarship to the universities of their choice,” Stillwell announced. “The Stephenville ISD has made it possible for many other students to be awarded for high achievement. This is a visible sign of support and appreciation for the hard working and high achieving students at SHS. We hope you will continue to support the PTO and the continued strive for excellence.”

The following awards were presented during Thursday night’s Academic Awards Ceremony:

All A-Honor Roll - Entire Year

9th grade:?Gabriela Chavarria, Sarah Daugherty, Kaylee Davis, Madison Edwards, Caitlin Endly, Corinne Ganther, Brittany Holston, Alexandra Huckabee, Dominick Jokel, Elijah Martin, Cody Miller, Justin Miller, Kaitlyn Shelton, Alyssa Spruill, Justin Tucker and Emilie Woerner.

10th grade:?Dillon Auvenshire, Chelsea Ball, Ariel Blagg, Heather Bostock, Haley Brown, Kyle Bruner, German Chavarria, Rachel Choate, Colton Edwards, Kelly Edwards, Lexi Hunter, Lauren Mayes, Macy Moncrief, Christina Murphy, Miranda Priddy, Molly Roberson, David Rutledge, Jeong Won Song and Sydney Sult.

11th grade:?John Matt Allen, Rebecca Ator, Hannah?Bashaw, Matt Collins, Jennifer Doty, Ryan Erck, Zane Griffin, Aron Hutchins, Charity King, Laura Levisay, Sam Moore, Tanner Moser, Meghan Muir, Alyssa Reese, Jaylan Roan, Reese Robinson, Philine Scheer, Jamie Smith, Hilde Talsma, Kara Thomas, Melanie Tucker and James Ujano.

12th grade:?Liesa Arnold, Haley Chaplin, Erin Daugherty, Macaele Devries, Aaron Donohue, Macy Eaves, Makayla Elliott, Zach Farrow, Hannah Frazier, Taylor Fulfer, Heather Garza, Sheila Gokul, Lindsey Hale, Darcy Hassler, Shelby Irick, Rob Kuhns, Leanna Laughlin, Sierra Mayfield, Leko Murphy, Alyssa Parham, Shayla Priddy, Brandon Ratliff, Brenton Ray, Seth Redding, Courtney?Slemmons, Allison Snow, Austin Stone, Trisha Tuck, Wayne Viotto and Rachel Whiteley.

Departmental Achievement Awards

Fine Arts Department: Jazz Band, Andrew Banks; Band, Teresa Lee; Color Guard, Caitlynn McLaughlin;?Choir, Hannah Frazier; Art I, Sarah?Monson; Art II, Gage Nail; Art III, Otoniel Chaine; Art IV, Tiffanie Forbus; Sculpture, Claire?Toves; Theater Arts, Heather Dark; Theater Production, Jordan Higgins; Radio-TV-Film, Wayne Viotto; and Dance, Meagan Flores.

Mathematics Department: Applied Math, Sara Dickerson; Math?Models, Seth Redding; Algebra I, Vianey Miramontes; Algebra II, Matthew Mabry; Pre-AP Algebra II, Lexi Hunter; Geometry, Bobby Brown; Pre-AP Geometry, Maddie Edwards; Pre-Calculus, Courtney Slemmons; AP Calculus, Leko Murphy; and Dual-Credit Pre-Calculus, Timothy Parker.

Science Department: Integrated Physics &?Chemistry, Raegan McGehee; Biology I, Tamera Arndt; Pre-AP?Biology?I, Megan Walker; AP?Biology, Jennifer Doty; Chemistry I, Jon Carroll; Pre-AP?Chemistry I, Heather Bostock; AP?Chemistry, Rachel Whiteley; Physics, Matthew Collins; Anatomy &?Physiology, Sheila Gokul; and Science Enrichment, Carols Medina.

Career &?Technology Education (CTE) Department: Multi-Media, Hannah Smith; Web Mastering, Dillon Auvenshire; Cisco Networks, Jesse Harrison; Information Technology Essentials, Michael Cortez; Business Computer Information Systems (BCIS), Dominick Jokel; BCIS II, Chelsey Dixon; Accounting, Leanna Laughlin; Banking &?Finance, Rob Kuhns; Business Law, Chris Shelton; Family &?Consumer Science, Tye Harris; Architectural &?Design, Jace Mills; Interior Design, Alicia Gonzales; Auto Mechanics, Robert Chacon; Marketing Management, Lauren Wallace; Marketing Dynamics, Darcy Hassler; Ag Science, Macy?Eaves; Horticulture, Abigail Dickerson; Ag Co-Op, Dyllon Sikes; and Criminal Justice, Kelvin Porter.

Liberal Arts Department: Spanish?I, Corinne Ganther; Spanish?II, John Tanner Bloemhof; Spanish?III, Angeles Sauceda; Debate, Charity King; Journalism, Hayley Chaplin; English-as-a-Second Language (ESL), Anayeli Espinosa; English?Communications, Allen Dameron; Creative Writing, Austin Adams; English I, Lya Thomas; English II, David Rutledge; English III, Megan Baker; English?IV, Heather Garza; Pre-AP?English I, Kaylee Davis; Pre-AP English?II, Kyle Bruner, AP?English III, Rebecca Ator; AP?English IV, Allison Woerner; Communication Applications, Ashley?Young; Newspaper, Allison Michael; and Life Skills, Rebecca Parks.

Social Studies Department: World Geography, Amber Craig; World History, Brianna Bledsoe; U.S. History, James Taylor; Government, Shayla Priddy; Economics, Liesa Arnold; AP?World History, German Chavarria; Dual-Credit U.S. History, John Matt Allen; AP?U.S. History, Melanie Tucker; AP?Government, Shiree Edwards; and AP?Economics, Brandon Ratliff.

Teacher Merit Awards

Each six-weeks, SHS?teachers nominate students who have performed to the best of their ability, progressed, overachieved or simply deserves recognition for their accomplishments. One student from each grade level is presented this award per six-weeks grading period. Coldwell Banker Preferred Properties contributes financially each six-weeks toward the honor roll incentives and teacher merit awards for SHS?students. Those receiving the award include:?Brandon Ratliff, Kim Gonzalez, Rachel Choate, Angeles Sauceda, Nasalina Madrid, Jennifer Doty, Miranda Priddy, Jared Slemmons, Leko Murphy, Chelsea Delgado, Judy DeLosReyes, Corinne Ganther, Anna Trice, Rebecca Ator, Amanda Kirby, Ryan Mitchell, Curtis Hill, Meagan Flores, Garrett Sadler and Kitty Kunkel.

Texas Scholar Awards

Senior students who have contributed their time to the community and completed more than 75 hours of community service were presented a Texas Scholar medallion to be worn at graduation. Those receiving the award and the number of service hours include:?Austin Adams (75), Liesa Arnold (111), Trey Auvenshire (75), Amelia Bell (77), Caitlin Campbell (95), Cody Davis (75), Brett Demetruk (81), Shiree Edwards?(256), Vanessa Elizondo (112), Makayla Elliott (78), Zach Farrow (80), Tiffanie Forbus (80), Hannah?Frazier (76), Hayden Ganther (76), Shelia Gokul (82), Lindsey Hale (77), Danni Henderson (77), Jordan Higgins (79), Atalie Hubbard (79), Sarah?McElroy (78), Mark Murphy (78), Shayla Priddy (81), Courtney?Slemmons (76) and Rachel Whiteley (79).

National Merit Scholar Program Commended Students:

Austin Adams, Tyler McNellie, Leko Murphy and Zach Murry.

National Merit Scholar:

Brandon Ratliff


Brandon Ratliff


Leko Murphy

American Legion Auxiliary Bluebonnet Girls State:

Megan Tucker, Charity King and Rachel Price

American Legion Post 240 Boys State:

Timothy Messer and Reese Robinson

American Legion Post 240 Citizenship Award:

Brenton Ray and?Afton Cooke


A&M?Keys to Aggieland: Zach Farrow ($750)

Abilene Christian University Presidential Scholarship: Robert Kuhns ($48,000 - 4 yrs.)

Abilene Christian University John C.?Stevens Scholarship: Austin Adams ($43,000 - 4 yrs.) and Erin Daugherty and Liesa Arnold ($30,000 - 4 yrs.)

Abilene Christian University National Merit Commended Scholar: Austin?Adams ($1,200 - 4 yrs.)

Abilene Christian University Study Abroad Voucher: Liesa Arnold and Austin Adams ($1,000)

American Legion Auxiliary General Scholarship: Leko Murphy

Baylor University Regents’ Gold Scholarship: Brandon?Ratliff ($106,576 - 4 yrs.)

Baylor University?Athletic Scholarship (cross country / track): Allison?Woerner

Baylor University President’s Academic Scholarship: Allison Woerner

Beta Sigma Phi Scholarship: Laura Goodell ($600)

Brandy?Roberts Scholarship: Heather Garza

Chicken?Express All-Star Scholarship: Trisha Tuck ($1,000)

SHS?Class of 1961 Scholarship: Alyssa Parham ($1,000)

Daughters of the American Revolution Good Citizen Scholarship: Brandon Ratliff ($2,000)

Dr. Robert C. Fain Honorary Scholarship: Shayla Priddy ($3,000)

Early Graduation Scholarship: Macy?Chambers, Kody Spano, Sandy Ortiz and Danielle Crider ($500 and $2,000)

Education?Advancement Scholarship: Rachel Whiteley ($900)

Elks Lodge Scholarship: Leko Murphy ($100)

Embarq Scholar Athlete of the Year Scholarship: Shiree Edwards and Colton Diffie ($500)

Erath County Texas A&M?Club Scholarship: Atalie Hubbard

FMC?National?Merit Scholarship: Brandon Ratliff ($8,000)

Fort Worth Scottish Rite Scholarship: Liesa Arnold and?Leko Murphy ($1,000)

Gene & Charmaine Boone Scholarship: Stephanie Allen ($2,500)

Houston Livestock Show &?Rodeo Scholarship: Shelby Irick

James Sloan Pool Memorial Scholarship: Shelby Irick ($1,000)

Jaye C. Helm Classroom?Teachers’ Scholarship: Irma Fuentes

Knights of Columbus Helio Cuto Scholarship: Travis Haschke ($300)

Knights of Columbus State Convention Scholarship: Travis Haschke ($1,000)

Lions Club Queen Scholarship: Liesa Arnold ($1,000)

Mary?Phillips Memorial Scholarship: Stephanie Allen ($4,000 - 4 yrs.)

Mass Communications Fund Scholarship: Darcy Hassler ($3,000)

Morgan Mill PTF Scholarship: Timothy Parker and Randy?Price ($500)

National FFA Scholarship: Macy Eaves and Shelby Irick

Northwestern State?University President, Outstanding Student &?Out-of-State Tuition Scholarship: Melissa Huston ($8,000)

Odessa College Scholarship: Vanessa Elizondo ($6,000)

Oklahoma Christian University Scholarship: Brawson Oliver ($4,000)

Oklahoma State University Out-of-State Scholar Scholarship: Anna Trice ($24,000)

Panhandle-Plains Higher Education Scholarship: Allison Woerner ($200)

PASS ACT Scholarship: Brawon Oliver ($6,000)

Paul Henderson Memorial Scholarship: Lauren?Wallace ($500)

Phi Beta Scholarship: Laura Goodell ($600)

Richard &?Jan Aldefer Scholarship: Adrianna Alderman ($2,500)

Ronald McDonald House Scholarship: Shayla Priddy

Rose Lafferty & Flora Foust Educational Fund Scholarship: Liesa Arnold, Katie Carr, Erin Daugherty, Zach Farrow, Rob Kuhns, Travis Hashke, Sandy Ortiz, Austin?Stone and?Rachel Whiteley.

Rotary?International Leaders of?Tomorrow Scholarship: Liesa Arnold, Lindsey Viotto, Melissa Ibarra, Makayla Elliott, Austin Stone and Shayla Priddy ($1,000)

Sam Walton Community Scholarship: Shayla Priddy ($1,000)

San Antonio Livestock Show &?Rodeo Scholarship: Blake Royal ($10,000)

SHS?Choir Scholarship: Hannah Frazier ($250)

SHS?PTO Scholarships: Liesa Arnold ($1,000), Sheila Gokul ($1,000), Shayla Priddy ($1,000), Zach Farrow ($750), Rob Kuhns ($500) and Courtney?Slemmons ($500)

SHS Science Club Scholarship: Zach Farrow

SHS?TAFE Scholarship: Kolton Broumley, Cheyenne Parker and Sonya Curtis ($750 and $500)

Lee Solley?Memorial Optimist Club Scholarship: Rachel?Whiteley

Stanford University Fund Scholarship: Leko Murphy ($41,030 - Freshman Year)

Stephen F. Austin State?University Academic Excellence Scholarship: Teresa Lee, Hannah Frazier and Courtney?Slemmons ($3,000)

Stephen F. Austin State?University Academic Scholarship: Teresa Lee ($6,000)

Stephen F. Austin State?University Music Scholarship: Teresa Lee ($6,000)

Stephen F. Austin State?University Track Scholarship: Makayla Elliott ($3,800)

Stephenville Band Fans Harwell Scholarship: Teresa Lee and Cory Robinson

SHS Theater Scholarship: Jordan Higgins ($1,000)

Stephenville Masonic Lodge Scholarship: Austin?Stone ($1,000)

Stephenville Sports Rehab Scholarship: Jordan Fornes and Nasalia Madrid

Stephenville Study Club Scholarship: Chris Starnes

Texas Archery in Schools Scholarship: Courtney Slemmons ($1,000)

Texas Bank Scholarship: Leko Murphy ($2,500), Brandon Ratliff ($2,000), and Zach Farrow, Danni?Henderson and Sandy Ortiz ($1,000)

Texas Christian University Scholarship: Hayden Ganther ($13,450)

Texas Society of Professional Engineers Scholarship: Leko Murphy ($2,000)

Texas Tech University Football Scholarship: Cody Davis ($175,000 - 4 yrs.)

Texas Tech University Honors Endowed Scholarship: Cody Davis ($20,000)

Texas Tech University Superior Scholastic Achievement Scholarship: Darcy Hassler ($2,000)

Trinity University Murchison Scholarship: Sheila Gokul ($16,000)

Tarleton State University Music Scholarship: Ashley Bucher ($3,500)

Tarleton State University Thompson?Music Scholarship:?Claire Goodman

Tarleton State University Presidential Scholarship:?Shayla Priddy ($28,000)

Tarleton State University Scholarships: Austin Stone, Shelby Irick, Monica Piskor, Melissa Ibarra,?Zach Murry and Trey Taylor.

Tarleton State University Track Scholarship: Claire Goodman

University of North Texas Scholarship:?Tyler McNellie ($5,000)

U.S. Hispanic Leadership Institute Scholarship:?Valaria Frausto, David Vasquez and Natasha Ramirez ($500 and $250)

University of Texas-Arlington Dean of Engineering Achievement Scholarship:?Jason Duggan ($8,000 - 4 yrs.)

University of Texas-Arlington Freshman Academic Scholarship:?Thomas Dodson and Ashley Hansen ($1,350)

University of Texas-Arlington Outstanding Freshman Scholarship:?Jason Duggan ($15,200 - 4 yrs.)

Wayland Baptist University Choir Scholarship:?Lauren Greene ($4,000 - 4 yrs.)

Wayland?Baptist University International Choir Scholarship:?Lauren?Greene

Youth America Bowling Association Scholarship:?Brian Cousins

Zonta Club Scholarship:?Shayla Priddy, Rachel?Whiteley and?Lindsey Viotto ($500)