He missed it one year ago by mere minutes.

But Gary Sult is an optimist and he is returning to the pavement again Sunday for a second chance.

Sult, a shareholder at Boucher, Morgan and Young and Stephenville Independent School District board trustee, will run Sunday in the San Antonio Rock and Roll Marathon, where he hopes to qualify for the Boston Marathon, held in April.

“I missed qualifying last year by just a few minutes,” Sult said. “It was a little frustrating but it let me know that goal was achievable with just a few minutes better (time). It will happen this Sunday I hope.”

In order to qualify for Boston, Sult will have to run 26.2 miles in three-and-a-half hours or better based on his age. He is currently 44, but qualifying times for the marathon are based upon an individual’s age when running in Boston, leaving him in the bracket with 45-year-olds.

Running is nothing new to Sult, who has been taking part in the sport with friends in Stephenville since 2005.  The group has run everything from half marathons to 5Ks to full marathons together. They are also familiar faces in the city daily.

“We run mostly at lunch during the week,” Sult said. “We will have anywhere from two of us running together to 12 of us running together.”

The group also participates in long runs on Saturday mornings together.

One of Sult’s favorite marathon memories is from the White Rock Lake Marathon in Dallas, which he ran with a close friend.

“One of my friends and I ran across the finish line at the same time and pulled each other through it,” he said.

Along with the camaraderie from friends, Sult also enjoys one guilty pleasure that running provides - food.

“I do like to eat and running allows me to eat a little more,” Sult said.