Don't let the the beautiful spring-like weather fool you, the threat of fire still abounds.

The National Weather Service has again issued a red flag warning for the Cross Timbers area. For the second time this week, conditions are ideal for fires that can spread quickly with high intensity.

During Tuesday's red flag warning, Erath County volunteer firemen stood ready to respond in the event of a fire.

Along the northern county line, one resident began burning leaves in their back yard Tuesday as night began to fall. Bluff Volunteer Fire Department was sent scurrying to extinguish the flames before it spread through the dry vegetation.

Erath County's western neighbors have not been as fortunate.

About two weeks ago, more than 112,000 acres and 68 homes were lost near Lubbock.

"That potential is here right now," said Erath County Volunteer Fire Rescue coordinator Chris Gable.

Desert-like humidity levels and dry vegetation have created conditions for dangerous fires similar to those seen in the West.

Residents know all too well the impact fires can have on the homeland after the Huckabay fire of 2006. More than 10,000 acres were consumed in flames and firemen worked around-the-clock battling the blaze that burned five homes and numerous structures.

"Conditions are very similar to January of 2006," Gable said.

Under the county's current state, fires can spread 100 yards in one minute and consume more than a half-mile in less than 10 minutes. Add that to Erath County's rocky terrain and fighting a fire becomes difficult, Gable said.

Since 2006, area departments have more trained fire fighters on call and have added equipment and apparatuses that help them battle large blazes.

"We have learned from our past and are more ready today to respond to a fire," said Gable.