If you went dove hunting over Labor Day weekend and didn’t bag your limit - don’t feel like the Lone Ranger - a lot of other people didn’t either.

Those hunting in the northern part of the county didn’t have much luck, according to Erath County Game Warden, Tony Navarro.

“Before the season started, they were here…I guess they knew when opening day was,” Navarro joked.

“The dove were here, but they were scattered in different areas,” Navarro said. “In the southeast, east, and southwest the hunting was good, but in the north it was real slow.”

Navarro said the birds were plentiful in Waco and the Metroplex area so the hunting was excellent there. Navarro said several hunters in those areas were cited for being over the limit.

Navarro said he cited several in the county for hunting with unplugged shotguns. He said shotguns must not have a capacity of more than three shells. Shotguns that are capable of holding more than three shells must be plugged with a one-piece filler that cannot be removed without disassembling the gun.

Other citations issued were for not having the migratory bird endorsement on the license, hunting without hunter’s education and one person in the southeastern part of the county was cited for having birds over the limit.

Dove season will run until Oct. 30 and will reopen again on Dec. 26 and run through Jan. 4.

Navarro said Teal Duck season will open Sept. 15.

ANGELIA JOINER is a staff writer for the Empire-Tribune. She can be reached at angelia.joiner@empiretribune.com or (254) 965-3124,ext. 238