Weeks after 11 horses found malnourished and without water were removed from their owner, the case is still unresolved and the fate of two of the horses remains unclear.

The horses' owner, Dublin resident Devorah Aikman, has been charged with cruelty to animals.

Police began investigating the case after receiving two complaints that the horses, which were kept on private property in Stephenville, were living in filthy conditions without food or water.

The horses were removed from Aikman and temporarily placed at Hoof Prints Ranch until a judge decided to return nine of the horses back to Aikman's care.

After a hearing, Judge Shawnee Bass ruled that two of the horses - which were the most fragile - would not be returned to Aikman.

Following the ruling, Aikman had 10 days to appeal her case in the County Court at Law.

But there's been another snag.

Claiming she could not afford to hire an attorney, Aikman filed a pauper's affidavit, but Erath County Attorney Lisa Pence filed an objection.

"I objected because I don't think she is indigent," Pence said Tuesday. "She has a job and she owns a home."

Pence also said Aikman failed to file the affidavit in the required five days and took eight days to do so.

Now a hearing to determine if Aikman is indeed indigent will take place on Aug. 18.

Meanwhile, the two horses remain in the care of the owners of Hoof Print Ranch.

Pence said she does not know where the nine horses that were returned to Aikman are or what kind of condition they are in.