Longtime Dublin resident Karen Wright just isn’t ready to leave the town she loves.

Wright has been the executive director of the Dublin Chamber of Commerce for two years, but when a “dream job” opened up with Hamilton Healthcare System, Wright considered leaving.

Although she had not officially resigned from the chamber, Wright began orientation in Hamilton last week, but the emotional toll of leaving her home of 25 years was too much. 

“Every morning when I would leave the city limits I would sob,” Wright said. “I’m just not ready to leave Dublin.”

Wright said she loves the people in Hamilton and is grateful for the opportunity.

“It was a wonderful, dream job,” Wright said. “And if it had been in Dublin, it would have been perfect.” 

After informing Hamilton that she would not accept the job after all, Wright jumped back into the one she loves - promoting Dublin businesses.

And with a slew of new events on the calendar, Wright has plenty to keep her busy.

On Saturday, the Dublin chamber will sponsor a Halloween carnival and trick or treating from 4-7 p.m. at Wright Historical Park.

The following weekend, Nov. 7, area businesses will host “Night on the Town.”

“This is a new monthly series we are starting,” Wright said.

During the evening event, downtown businesses will stay open late, offering discounts, coupons and special promotions.

Salons will offer specials on manicures and pedicures and restaurants and hotels will offer deals as well.

To top it off, event-goers will be treated to outdoor musical entertainment.

“This will be an exciting event,” Wright said. “There are a lot of good things happening in Dublin.”

And Wright couldn’t be happier to remain a part of it.