The Dublin City Council chambers was standing room only, as family members poured in to watch their relatives be sworn in as representatives for the city. Tom Gordon was sworn in as mayor, Aaron Locke and Elizabeth Cook were sworn in to serve Ward 1, Jimmy Millican and Zachary House were sworn in to Ward 2, Tommy Sperry was sworn in to continue serving Ward 3 and Kenneth Lunsford was sworn in to Ward 4.

After the new council was seated, they got right down to business discussing the city’s plumber license law. The law, which was adopted in 2006, states that a homeowner can work on his own property, but may not work on any rental or lease property. In these instances, property owners must hire a licensed plumber to fix their pipes. Mike Weems, Dublin’s code enforcement officer, explained to the council that by adopting a resolution to make anyone doing plumbing work on homes be licensed, the residents would be more assured that they were getting quality work.

“The primary reason that we are doing this is so that the citizens will have some protection from people who won’t do the full job or do it haphazardly,” Weems said.

After discussion, the council voted to refer the subject back to committee so that they could have a chance to review the ordinance before it was voted upon.

The council then made sure that their appointments to two boards, the airport board and the Upper Leon Water District Board, were up to date. The council reappointed Everett Hightower to the UPLWD board, but gave the new council members time to find nominees for the airport board.

City secretary Rhonda Williams gave an update on a lawsuit that the city had been facing due to some faulty Canon printers. The printers that the city received were faulty and the city had requested that Canon come and pick them up. Canon had never sent anyone to pick up the printers and was still expecting payment on them. When no payment was received, Canon filed suit against Dublin. After the city hired a lawyer who filed the necessary paperwork, the lawsuit was dropped and the city cleared of any wrongdoing.

In other business, city manager Jerry Guillory informed the council on the progress of the Gristmill Project. The ongoing project will soon be accepting bids, as the funds have been released from the Texas Department of Transportation or TXDOT.