E-T Staff Report

One man was arrested after local police found a large amount of marijuana stashed inside the “crisper” of his refrigerator.

Carlton Horton, 27, of Stephenville was arrested at his home Wednesday night after officers with the Stephenville Police Department served him with an arrest warrant in connection with delivery of marijuana.

Chief Roy Halsell said when officers arrived at Horton’s residence, the suspect refused to answer the door.

“The officers knew he was inside because the door was cracked open, so they made entry,” Halsell said.

Horton was inside the home along with four others who were not arrested.

After officers got consent to search the home, they found 1 1/2 pounds of marijuana inside the refrigerator.

He was arrested on two counts of delivery of marijuana, a state jail felony. He was released after posting $1,500 bond on both counts.